Activation Refresh

New vehicles should arrive on your lot fully functional, but if the satellite radio is not active, follow the pre-owned refresh steps below.

For pre-owned vehicles, refreshing SiriusXM radios is now as easy as just scanning the VIN.

  • Download the SiriusXM Dealer App from the iTunes app store or Google Play.
  • Make sure the radio is on and the vehicle is outside with a clear view of the sky.
  • Choose "Scan VIN," scan the VIN barcode, then press "send refresh signal now."
    Or you can manually enter the radio ID.
  • It’s that simple -- and you can easily repeat the process to refresh more radios.

Watch Video to Learn More

Download the tipsheet to learn more

If you do not have an Apple or Android device, you can also refresh radios by visiting our online refresh site or by calling SiriusXM Dealer Support at 1-800-852-9696. You can find the radio ID by turning to Channel 0 or visiting

Download the Dealer Refresh App from iTunes or Google Play stores now